Ryo Shimamura (島村 亮)

​Rich of overseas experience 


Business Development Manager​

Apr 2002〜Apr 2015

Work & manage at several Indonesia & Singapore companies to bridge between Japan and overseas.

Products handled are miscellaneous good, craft goods, paintings, electronics, paint and industry parts etc.

IT Service Producer

Apr 2015〜Feb 2019


Produced several IT services and operating vacation rental in Tokyo & Shanghai

Trading・Procurement Manager

Feb 2019〜Now


Product planning and build supply chain, marketing and operating e-commerce at Shanghai China


Kim ZhengQuan (金 正権)

​Trading Expert


Experienced for total about 15years at Japan - China trading company, able to search product and procurement, manage for OEM/ODM as total arrangement to ship Japan.
Able to speak Chinese, Japanese and Korean, having rich experience of negotiation and office management.

Procurement Specialist

Jan 1995〜Nov 2004

Product produce and expand the business to Japan for fancy stationary, Small miscellaneous goods, apparel product

Overseas Business Development

Mar 2005〜Now

Product produce and expand the business to Japanese e-commerce such as floor chair, sofa, mattress, interior goods and  daily commodities